Healthcare Careers with Medi Spa at Sea

At Medi-Spa at Sea, a division of Steiner Leisure, we hire and train physicians from all over the world to manage their own aesthetic medical practice onboard a luxury cruise ship. This is a once in a life opportunity to earn money, gain hands on clinical experience in growing field of medicine, and travel to exotic locations.


There is no prior experience in facial injectables required. All training is provided for you to become a successful Medi-Spa at Sea physician prior to joining your ship. During training and once onboard, Medi-Spa at Sea Physicians are expected to have excellent communication skills and be able to provide aesthetic medical solutions safely and effectively to address the concerns of your clients.

Doctors must be willing to promote their services onboard and the Medi-Spa at Sea Physicians report to the Spa Manager onboard and will work as part of the spa team.



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Once hired, attend our 5 day training in Miami where you will learn clinical and sales techniques in the exciting field of aesthetic medicine.


Let the fun begin! Join your ship, earn money and travel while managing your own aesthetic clinic at sea.

Dr. Maggie
This is the best job you will ever have! You will have so many great experiences that come along with it. There is also plenty of time to study, to exercise, to do the things you enjoy while also discovering new hobbies and interests.
Dr. Maggie
Dr. Mailene Agustin
The best part of my job is the chance to see the world for free. It’s worth all the risks that I had been through… This is the career that I will cherish forever.
Dr. Mailene Agustin
Dr. Tarun Prasad
My best professional experience as a Medi-Spa physician has been to experience the evolving field of medical tourism and be able to incorporate the Medi-Spa clinic into a globally-recognized company.
Dr. Tarun Prasad
United States
Dr. Aleksandar Madzarevic
You live only once and this is the job that gives you limitless opportunities in every aspect. You will upgrade your medical skills, discover amazing places all over the world, and save money for your next life plans.
Dr. Aleksandar Madzarevic
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